Investor Information
Name Of The Project: Mermaids Holiday Resort.
Location Of The Project:
Main Road, Gwainghat Road, Sunarbangla, Jangail, Gwainghat, Sylhet.
About The Project:
The Mermaids Holiday Resort is a privately gated secured place, which already has high
secured boundary walls all around it. Located a short distance away from the Sylhet, Osmani
Airport and Shalutikor Bazar. The purpose of this project is to create an affordable, one stop
holiday place which gives value for money for the visitors.
When the visitors arrive at the project they have a choice either to just visit for the day and use
all the facilities at a cost. Alternatively, visitors also have a choice to stay overnight or have a
package holiday with all the facilities available.
The Present Directors Are:

Mr Robin Choudhury a British Bangladeshi Citizen who is currently a Director at Baraka Power
Limited a Power Plant Company. He has been a Director there since 2008. He has also been a
Director at this Project from the start.
Mr Sayem Ahmed, a Bangladeshi Citizen. He is a Surveyor by Profession. He has been
involved with this Project from the start.
The Chairman:
Mr Abdul Khalique ( Makon ) a Bangladeshi Citizen. He has been with this Project from the
start. He has vast knowledge in constructions and fisheries.
Other Members of Staff:
Mr Hasan Ahmed, a Bangladeshi Citizen, acting as a Manager who is overseeing the Project
together with Mr Muslim Miah, his assistant.
The Purpose Of This Project Is:
To create a Holiday Resort with Living Accommodation Hotel style and Self-Catering Style with
Rides, Shops, Cafés, Restaurants, Swimming Pools, Steam Room, Sauna, Hot Tub and
Gymnasium. A complete affordable one stop holiday place for the fun loving children and
families in mind.
Project Size:
Within the boundaries total land area is, 101.610 square metre,10.93.330 square feet, 2509,94
decimal, 1518.51 kath, 75.9257 bigha, 25.0994 acre, 90 Keear.
Information For Investors:
There is a three story accommodation building which is already completed. There are en-suite
and non en-suite rooms ready for guests. There is also a 3 bedroomed bungalow, with
bathroom and kitchen. Two single self-contained studios, gym room, changing rooms, four
shops, nine additional toilets, extra shower rooms, cafe bar, restaurant, staff quarters, two
swimming polls, and storage facilities which is already completed. A number of outdoor seating
facilities are also available. The project is ready to be partially opened.
Roads Within The Project:
Majority of the roads within the project have been laid with bricks and concrete. The project can
be visited by foot or by car. The roads are all well proportioned. There are private car parking
spaces within the project.
Fish Project/Fisheries Within The Project:
Currently there are 14 good sized fish ponds. They have high value fish in them. There are Roe,
Khatla, cheetol, brighead and other varieties of fish. This is already a source of income.
Electricity Within The Project:

There is mains power supply within the project. All the roads within the project have street
lamps powered by mains electricity. In addition there are street lamps powered by solar.
Wifi & Other Electronics:
There is wifi within the project.
Paddle Boats: There are brand new two seater and four seater boats ready to be
launched.They will be producing income on an hourly basis.
Plants, Herbs, Shrubs And Trees:
There are huge numbers of plants, shrubs, herbs, fruits trees and various other types of trees
within the project.
Security Within The Project:
The whole project is covered by a high secured gated boundary wall. In addition, there are 70
high resolution night vision security cameras. All the walls have wall lights on them. There are
also security guards on duty 24/7.
What Will The Funds Be Used For:
Work that needs to be fully completed. An additional extra 50 persons accommodation in the
form of Cottages / Bungalows. A Community Centre/ Conference Room, Childrens Play Area,
Music / Cinema Room, Game Area, Water Fountains, Car Park, Extra Road Works, two
Additional Entrance Gates, Generators. Formation of a new Company, a Place of Worship and
all the Rides. In addition, the current Director and Chairman needs to be paid off for the
payment of the Land, Assets and the works that have already been completed and have been
paid off by them.
Fund To Be Raised And Numbers Of Investments / Shares To Be Issued:
In order for the whole project to be completed including the payment of the current Assets and
land a sum of BDT Taka: Sixty Crore (60,000,00.00) needs to be raised. Each Investor /
Shareholder is to invest a minimum of Taka 25 Lak ( 25,00.000 ) for each Investment /Share.
There will be 240 numbers of Investments/Shares @ Taka Twenty five Lak (25,00.000) which
will raise Taka 60 Crore. The first eight Investor / Shareholders whose Investment/ Shares is of
4 in numbers, in equivalent to BDT Taka: One Crore (1,000,00.00) will have the right to become
a Director of the company. The Investor/ Shareholders will have a share in the freehold of the
land, building and all the assets. A new Company will be formed with all the Shareholders and
Directors names.
Return For The Investments:

It is anticipated that annual income of 10% of the investment should be achievable. However it
is to be noted, the work that needs doing can take up to six month to complete therefore, this
must be taken into consideration.
Example: Investment of Taka 25,00.000 @ 10% = Gross return of Taka 2,50.000 less Income
Tax, thus this result can be for the first 18 months then annually. The Investor can sell his or her
investment to whomever they wish at the prevailing market price.

Projected Income:
Accommodation Income 1,30,00.000
Income from Community/ Conference Centre: 1,10,00.000
Income from rides, pools and gym etc 1,30,00.000
Food sale: 2,80,00.000
Drinks: 2,70,00.000
Beverage and Ice cream 1,60,00.000
Sale of fish: 50,00.000
Income from shops: 50,00.000
Entrance fees: 50,00.000
Total: 12,30,00.000
Projected Expenses:
Food: 1,40,00.000
Drinks: 1,35,00.000
Beverage & Ice cream: 80,00.000
Shop stock 50,00.000
Executives Salary: 50,00.000
Salary: 60,00.000
Electricity: 10,00.000
Transport 10,00.000
Marketing, Advertising: 10,00.000
Laundry: 6,00.000
Fuel: 5,00.000
Maintenance: 5,00.000
Fish fona: 5,00.000
Fish food: 5,00.000
Khasna. 1,25.000
Bank charges: 1,50.000
Cleaning materials: 2,00.000
Total Expenses: 5,75,75.000
Investors return 10%: 60,00.000
Government Tax 1,00,00.000
Grand Total: 7,35,75.000

Present Assets:
Land Value: 15,000,00.00
Building & Swimming Pools: 10,000,00.00
Wall & Gates: 3,000,00.00
Fixtures,fittings & stock: 1,500,00.00
Fish in stock 50,00.000
Total: 30,000,00.00
Total income: 12,30,00.000
Total expenses: 7,35,75.000
Net Profit: 4,94,25.000

Anticipated Expenses required to complete the project:
To Build all the Rides: 3,00,00.000
To build the Accommodation and Community Centre: 8,00,00.000
For Road Works, Car Park: 1,50,00.000
Other Constructions: 1,50,00.000
Stock in Trade: 50,00.000
Generator, Air Conditioning and other Electric Equipment: 2,00,00.000
Setting up New Company, Legal, Stationary, Printing: 30,00.000
Advertising, Marketing and Commissions: 50,00.000
Other Expenses, Unexpected etc: 70,00.000
Payment for Existing Land, Assets and Buildings: 30,00,00.000
Total Expenses: 48,00,00.000
Cash in Hand:( to interest bearing FDR bank account) 12,00,00.000 Grand Total:


Note: All surplus money including cash in hand will be placed into an interest bearing
bank account to earn surplus income.
Interested Investors Are Requested To Telephone Or Email For Further Information.

Investor Information and Terms and Conditions:
Name and Address of the Project: Mermaids Holiday Resort.
Main Road, Gwainghat Road, Sunarbangla, Jangail, Gwainghat, Sylhet.
Terms and Conditions of This Agreement are as Follows:

The Investor means the Shareholders Person/Persons or Company/ Companies who
wish to make Investments in funds in the Mermaids Holiday Resort. The Investor/
proposed Shareholder/s and the Chairman/ Director of Mermaids Holiday Resort will
sign this Agreement and then it will become binding between the two Parties. The
Chairman/ Director on behalf of the Mermaids Holiday Resort is legally responsible for
signing this agreement.
This Agreement Now Witnesses as follows:
1.The under- named Investor agrees to Invest the under-mentioned sum of Taka into
the business known as The Mermaids Holiday Resort which is for Investment /Share/s.
Upon payment for the Investment / Share the Investor/Shareholder will be entitled to
have interest in the business, Land, Buildings and all the Assets belonging to The
Mermaids Holiday Resort as a percentage, which will be shown in the Share Certificate
and stated in this agreement. The payment is Non-Refundable. Mermaids Holiday
Resort, its Chairman/ Director is not under any obligation to buy back these sold shares
from the Investors / Shareholders. The Mermaids Holiday Resort accepts the Investors
fund and will issue an Investment/ Share Certificate for its number of units out of the
total Two hundred and forty numbers of shares. There may have to be extra numbers of
Shares to be issued subsequently, to raise additional funding which will be decided by
the Board of Directors and the Chairman from time to time.
2.Once a year, a Professional Accountants firm will prepare Profits and Losses
Accounts, the results of these will be published to all the Investors.
3. All profits will be paid Annually to the Investors/Shareholders who hold the
Investments /Certificates at that time. The payment will be in cheques or to the
nominated bank accounts of the Investors/ Shareholders.
4.The Investors /Shareholders accept responsibilities for all losses.
Mermaids Holiday Resort accepts no responsibilities for any loss of Profits or the
Investments that has been made. The Investor accepts, agrees and takes risks that his/
her Investment can go up as well as down.
5.The Investors / Shareholders are free to sell his/ her Investments to anyone legally at
the prevailing market or agreed price.
6.There will be a total number of 8 members of the Board of Directors.
In order to qualify as a Director the individual person's Investment must be for four
numbers of Investments/ Shares or BDT Taka 1,00,00.000. ( One Crore Taka) and is
based on a first come first served basis.

7. It will be the Directors who will be voted to run the Mermaids Holiday Resort and will
have responsibility for the day to day running of the Resort.
8. All payment for the Investments/ Shares must be made in full by cheques in the
favour of Mermaids Holiday Resort. In lieu of the payments a Certificate will be issued to
the Investor which is Transferable/ Saleable subject to the Mermaids Holiday Resort’s
Chairpersons approval. Notices must be submitted to the Chairman for Transfer/ Sale.
9. Any loss/ theft or damage to the Investments/ Shares Certificates must be notified to
the Chairman of the Mermaids Holiday Resort immediately with a Police report.
10. All Investors are to respect fellow Investors, Workers, Employees, Contractors,
Subcontractors, Directors and the Chairman.
11. All Investors/Shareholders to attend annual general meetings where possible.
12. All Investors/ Shareholders agrees and accepts that the business Mermaids Holiday
Resort can enter the Public Share market at the prevailing time subject to Government’s
approval and then all the Investors/ Shareholders Certificates will change in accordance
to the law.
I Mr/ Mrs/ Miss …………………………………………………………
I / we wish to purchase number/s of shares and enclose my / our payments
for Taka in cheque/s in favour of Mermaids Holiday Resort. I /We
agree to the above terms and conditions. I /We are fully sound in mind and fully
accept all the consequences of this agreement.
I Mr …………………………………………………being the current Chairman/ Director
of The Mermaids Holiday Resort, agree with the above terms and conditions
contained above and accept the above named Investor/ Shareholders under the
above Terms and Conditions.

About The Mermaids Holiday Resort:
Mermaid's Holiday Resort is located on the Main Road about 10 kilometres from the
Osmani International airport and about 5KM from Shalutikor Bazar. On the main Road
to Gwainghat from Sylhet.
The Resort is located close to all the major attractions in the Sylhet area.
They include:
● Tea Gardens
● Lalakhal
● Jaflong
● Shaada Pattor
● Ratargul Mangrove
● Sylhet City Centre
● Hazrat Shahjalal Maazer
● Hazrat Shahporan Maazer
Facilities at the Mermaids Holiday Resort:
● Restaurants
● Cafeteria
● Shops
● Gymnasium
● Living accommodation
● Self Catering Facilities
● Barbecue Area
● Individual Rooms
● Group Facilities
● En-suite Rooms
● Fishing
● Games Area
● Swimming Pools
● Children’s Swimming Pools
● Children’s Rides
● Daily Shuttle services to other Attractions
● Collection and drop off services to the airport and Train stations.

Information About Your Investment:
● Minimum Investment/ Shares BDT Taka: 25,00.000.
● Directorship Investment/ Shares BDT Taka: 1,00,00.000
● Maximum Numbers of Directors is First Eight.
● Anticipated Return on Your Investment 10%.
● Full Ownership of Share of Freehold Land, Buildings, business
and All Assets.
● There are only 240 Numbers of Investment/Shares for sale at
the price of BDT Taka Twenty five Lak (25,00.000) only.
● First come first serve basis.
● Available to Residents and Non-Residential Bangladeshi (NBR)
● Information on website,

● email us on for further information
● Telephone number for further information

Application Form
Mermaids Holiday Resort
Application To Invest As An Independent Investor. For
Private Shares in the Mermaids Holiday Resort.
The Chairman/ Director
Mermaids Holiday Resort
Main Road
Sunarbangla, Jangail
Dear Sir
I / We wish to apply to invest the sum of BDT
…………….numbers of shares.
I / we have enclosed my / our cheque made payable to Mermaids Holiday Resort, which
is Non-Refundable but, I /we are able to sell our investment at any time at the prevailing
market value to whom I / we wish.
I / we have read the investment terms and conditions as stated in the investment
brochure and agree to abide by these terms and conditions contained in it.
I / we understand and agree for you to issue me/us with number of shares.
I / we understand, once a year I will be notified of all profits and losses of this
I / we will accept all profits and losses in accordance with the certified accounting
I / we confirm that the source of funds is our own and from all legitimate sources.

Sole / First Applicant Name: Mr/ Mrs/ Miss
Date of Birth:
ID Number / Passport Number:
Father’s / Husband’s Name:
Mother’s Name:
Postal Address, Phone Numbers and email :

Second Applicant Name: Mr/ Mrs/ Miss
Date of Birth:
ID Number / Passport Number:
Father’s / Husband’s Name:
Mother’s Name:
Postal Address, Phone Numbers and email :

I / we the undermentioned names, sign and declare that I / We have read the
Investment Brochure of Mermaids Holiday Resort and have willingly subscribed
for number of private shares.
First Applicant’s Name:
( in Block Letters )
Second Applicant’s Name:
( in Block Letters )