A very warm welcome to our guests and supporters of Mermaids Holiday Resort. Mermaids Holiday Resort is located at Sunarbangla, Jangail, Gowainghat, Sylhet. We are located on the main Gowainghat Road to Gwainghat from Shalutikor Bazar. From the Osmani International Airport we are about 10 km in distance. Mermaids Holiday Resort is a destination for holiday makers and daily visitors. We welcome individual groups, couples, families and children. We can tailor a holiday package to suit your budget. We have the facilities for local school children to visit us on a daily basis. The children are able to use our swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, boats and all the rides. A daily shuttle service is available for the guests to see other local sites. Bisnakhandi, shadaa Pattor, Lalakhal, Rothergol Swamp/ Mangrove , Hazrat Shahjalal Mazer, Hazrath Shahporan Mazer are just a few places close by to visit. We look forward to welcoming you at our place and hope you will enjoy your vacation with us.